These are never going to compete with a Tamagotchi, but they’re clearly not supposed to – they’re just a random oddity. I remember the shell being red. I will be playing this one on my Nexus 7 for sure. The Xros Wars Digimon are pretty cool. DMPC France fre fre fre.

dmpc pro 1.0.2

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If you have any quesiont id love to answer them! Is dmpc still a thing? Will it ever make a come back? It appears to actually keep time – and fairly well, at that.

dmpc pro 1.0.2

What dinosaur virtual pet was this? Jomdz is a friend of mine, and rpo worked together to bring DMPC back to life. This looks prp awesome!

As I said, I’m not happy about how I dealt with it but I was 18 at the time. If file is multipart don’t forget to check all parts before downloading! Now I had not seen this facebook page before, but you can ask any of the admins, Mateo, TK, or Jorge, that I was the one who worked on it. I don’t think you can use 3. If file is deleted from your desired shared host first try checking different host by clicking on another file title.


I remember the shell being red.

It shows the evolution path your digimon has followed. Dex highest Xmpc TurnOn: Naturally, the software used on this virtual pet is the oh-so-common in-1 program that’s commonly found on counterfeit Tamagotchis. Go To Topic Listing. Change Background – Press “B” on your keyboard.

dmpc pro 1.0.2

I will be playing this one on my Nexus 7 for sure. I’ve done some googling and couldn’t find a trace of this particular virtual pet anywhere online, although there are so many in existence that I’m not terribly surprised.

Dmpc Pro Download

Are you guys getting the Digimon rerelease? When I was a kid I was given a Dinosaur virtual pet. Published on Apr View 1. So, if you want more info on this virtual pet, you can do 1.2 Google search, PM me, or something. You included, most likely, never were a programmer for DMPC.

The packaging indicates that these are a release for this company. Save the Game – Press “F5” on your keyboard.

DMPC – A Digimon Virtual Pet For Your Computer – Virtual Pets – General – TamaTalk

Volume Bar – Press “S” on your keyboard while in main room to toggle volume bar and disable ambient sound. Posted July 6, Babydomon In-training Babydomon cmpc Click it and That’s it, you’re done amigo!


I am glad that it caught your interest. Weight-loss works correctly when your pet takes part in activities that should cause them to lose weight, such as games and work. I actually already have a penguin-shaped in-1 virtual pet, which I’ve written about before.

DMPC Guide

It was blue and green, round, and came on a rubber wrist strap, that made it look like a chunky watch made to resemble the earth at first glance. I remember my dino would change into different things depending on how you cared for it, like a Pteranodon or a Sauropod whose sprite was so big you could only see its neck and head and I don’t think Dinkie Dino has those kinds of evolutions so I dmppc if maybe I had something different?

This malfunction can sometimes be cause to download a new program unfortunately.