Last edited by thoseguiltyeyes on Tue Mar 11, 1: Posts Topics Tags Advanced Search. Log in No account? Search Query Display results as: I don’t think that they will replace Takamina. XD He was rather into the whole performance while Takamizawa was looking all lost. D I’m look forward to see her on stage.

shin domoto kyoudai scandal

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Watch out for Tsuyoshi especially. But I do know that the show changes band members sometimes. It’s a must-watch, if you’re a fan for Scandal. Go to page ‘, event. I’m also looking forward to what songs she’ll be covering.

Shin domoto kyoudai download

BAND as a bassist. Updated and removed unnecessary info.

shin domoto kyoudai scandal

D I’m look forward to see her on stage. Very good news for Timo! I think it is good that timo try new things since haru is busy with her own schedule. Additional note There was this part where Rina looks rather accusingly at Nishikawa. Somehow, with the help of the wonderful senpai, dimoto first taping has just finished.

Last edited by Jikan on Tue Mar 11, 3: Thanks received by this post: Is that show so popular?!! I mean, she’s huge in Japan being part of AKB and it would work to have two “dumb” characters.


Softsubs for the raw She just kyouudai her first show today, and it will be broadcast on April 6th. It’s the first time the show has been on air since this manly brotherhood welcomes a girl! This show is too awesome to leave Tomomi out of its main segment.

I understood Tomomi ehin be part of the band, and will participate in the talk segment for the first airing, but will she be a regular on the talk segment, or she will be just like Shishido Kavka and the others, appearing only on the music performances? Well, they’ll share same stage again: Log in No account?

Tomomi will play again with Daisuke Asakura and Takanori Nishikawa, it’s cool. Posts Topics Tags Advanced Search. But 5 weeks to wait for the TV show now You thanked this post!

If you’re using a different raw, the timing of the subs should be correct as long as the duration of the video you’re using is From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty funny so she’ll be a great addition especially to the band. I’m kind of curious about this, but even more what mami and rina are hiding or if they will be the unactive ones until new schedule as 4 I remember rina complaing about everyone having their own life busy since haru has the musical and timo and mami had to study for the driving licence I’m looking forward this.


Last edited by thoseguiltyeyes on Tue Mar 11, 2: Feel free to PM me. Seriously, if you like japanese TV shows, Domoto Kyoudai is one of the funniests, and aways has awesome guests.

120909 Shin Domoto Kyoudai (Maeda Atsuko)

The moment I read about this news, a huge smiled popped in my face. Just link back to this post instead.

shin domoto kyoudai scandal

The whole cast doing some wota-gei. I just hope she will play cool songs she enjoys.